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If you happen to live in the area around Fresno, CA, the best dentist to contact is Shahbazyan DDS Cosmetic & General Dentistry, We are located at 7575 N Cedar Ave UNIT 106, Fresno, CA. where we can determine if you're a good candidate for All-on-4, and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. In any other part of the country, you'll be able to find a competent dentist fairly nearby, since this is now a commonplace procedure which is performed by a great many qualified dental professionals.

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All-On-Four implants procedure

The All-on-4 dental implant procedure involves replacing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth, using just four or six implants. Normally, one implant per tooth is required, but in this special approach to tooth replacement, all your upper or lower teeth can be replaced with just four or six implants. Given the fact that more than 35 million people in this country are missing all their upper or lower teeth, the All-on-4 or All-on-6 procedure has become a very realistic and viable option for tooth replacement.

The procedure calls for titanium implants to be inserted into the jawbone.
And then allowing several months to pass so that the implant can actually fuse with the jawbone. The process is known as osseointegration.
This is what provides a solid anchor for the replacement teeth which will eventually be installed, and it can be a very natural looking and feeling replacement procedure.

Cost of All on 4 implants

Depending on your geographic location, and the level of expertise of your dental practitioner, All-on-4 dental implants will generally cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 per arch. It may cost more or less where you live, and you may also be able to get part of the cost defrayed by your insurance carrier, so it's worth checking out before you proceed.

All-on-4 vs. regular implants

The most obvious difference between All-on-4 dental implants and traditional implants is that far fewer implants are necessary in the All-on-4 procedure. That makes the All-on-4 option much more affordable and much more accessible to a broader range of patients who are missing either all of their upper or lower teeth. Of course, there will also be a cost difference, because the All-on-4 procedure is replacing an entire arch of teeth, whereas traditional implants are generally targeting one or two teeth in the mouth.

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Actual Patients: Dental Implants
Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of your dental health - we don't charge for giving advice!

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At Shahbazyan DDS Cosmetic & General Dentistry, we offer single dental implants to patients, or any of the other possible types of implants. We also provide virtually all kinds of general dentistry, and even some forms of cosmetic dentistry. Let our years of experience help you achieve better dental health, and provide you with the kind of smile you've always wanted. Contact us today, so we can setup an initial consultation, and get you started on the road to better dental health.
Our Technology

CEREC Technology allows us to provide our patients with Same Day Restorations.
No more messy impression materials or hassle with annoying temporaries! CAD/CAM Technology offers our patients the opportunity to have a beautiful restoration designed, fabricated and delivered in a single appointment! Here’s how:
Using, CEREC Technology, we are able to take a photo scan of your tooth with a special laser camera that safely captures the anatomy of the prepared tooth and renders it as a 3-dimensional image.

We then customizes your crown, inlay or onlay using your digital “impression” and 3D imaging software while you relax with a magazine or music headphones.

After the doctor approves the final design, the CEREC milling system employs CAD/CAM technology to shape your restoration from a high-strength, metal-free ceramic or composite block in a shade to match your smile. This eliminates the repeat visit after sending the impression off to a lab, as this is now able to be done right in the office while you are in the chair!

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